Tell your Member of Parliament to Ban Assault-Style Firearms Now

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Assault-style firearms are a risk to women and girls and have no place on our streets or in our homes.

Canadian women own only a fraction of firearms, but are twice as likely as men to be sexually assaulted, beaten, choked or threatened with the use of a gun or a knife. Rural women are particularly vulnerable to firearm-related intimate partner violence.

As Parliament is considering Bill C-21, there is a short window of opportunity to hold the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc Québécois to their promise of banning assault-style firearms, which are designed for military use and have no legitimate civilian purpose. Attempts from the Liberal government to introduce amendments to that effect into the bill have been derailed by blatant disinformation from the gun lobby and other opponents of gun control.

We need your help to oppose this disinformation and make women's safety concerns part of the conversation.

Please participate to our #Women4GunControl campaign by contacting your representative and other relevant Members of Parliament. 

Thank you for your help in keeping Canadians safe.