COVID-19 and the world's margins

The coronavirus does not discriminate between who it affects.

Knowing how fast the virus has spread across borders, the Canadian government made a much-needed pledge to fight COVID-19 internationally. As Canada's reality changes with each passing day, we're calling on Canadians to raise their voice in solidarity with the world's most vulnerable children and families who face devastating consequences as the virus advances.

  • COVID-19 could prove destructive in countries with under-equipped hospitals, a shortage of health professionals, and where conflict or other crises exist. While wealthy countries have upwards of 12 hospital beds per 1,000 people, in the poorest countries it is as few as one bed per 10,000.
  • Children and families living in refugee camps and other fragile places are at risk of being pushed deeper into vulnerability by COVID-19's spread.
  • Beyond supporting Canadian citizens, we need your voice in affirming our governments existing commitments to fight COVID-19 globally, and to encourage a response that prioritizes girls, boys and families on the margins of our world. We won’t defeat COVID-19 at home unless we defeat it everywhere.

As COVID-19 cases increase around the world, mortality rates are likely to be higher in countries with limited health services and with large amounts of people on the move.

"COVID-19 is highly infectious and will spread easily in places where there are unhygienic conditions, crowding, and where health services and monitoring are weak," said World Vision International's head of Health and Nutrition, Tom Davis. "This means that countries hosting high numbers of displaced people and refugees or where there is a severe lack of doctors, nurses, community health workers and hospitals need special and urgent support."

Responding to the crisis

World Vision is already hard at work distributing protection equipment and supplies in Asia, where the virus outbreak was first recorded, and is rolling out health advice and psycho-social support to children, their caregivers, and communities. But further support for grassroots prevention programs is needed to help stop the spread of the virus in at-risk communities.

Goal: 2000

Call on Canada to join a global effort to help prevent COVID-19's devastating impact on refugee and displaced children, and the elderly on the world's margins. A focus on home and the world's most vulnerable is the Canadian way.

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