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Canada's largest humanitarian aid agencies are joining together to demand that Canada allows for lifesaving aid to be provided to Afghans in need.

Background on the Aid for Afghanistan Campaign:

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Afghanistan is in the midst of a deepening humanitarian crisis. More than half of the population — at least 23 million people — require urgent humanitarian assistance, and 19.7 million people are regularly going to bed hungry – including over 13 million children.

The UN has called upon the international community to make a humanitarian exception to sanctions against the Taliban, in order to make a way for vital aid and humanitarian assistance to reach Afghans in need. 

While our allies have already carved out humanitarian exceptions to their sanctions regimes and criminal law, Canada has yet to provide an avenue for humanitarian agencies to continue their operations in Afghanistan.

Canada has a duty not to turn its back on the people of Afghanistan

The current economic collapse – brought on by the cumulative impact of years of conflict, food shortages, challenges in governance, recurrent natural disasters, and now international sanctions – is hurting innocent civilians, especially Afghan women and girls

Now more than ever, we must stand up for Afghans in extremely vulnerable situations. Canadian humanitarian and development agencies have operated in Afghanistan for decades and must be allowed to continue carrying out essential operations. We will continue to work our hardest to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches those who need it the most.

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Stand up for Afghans in need of humanitarian assistance. Add your voice and tell the Canadian government to stop blocking essential aid!

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