Protect Mount Nemo: Prevent Expansion of the Nelson Gravel Mine

Conserving Our Rural Ecosystem of Burlington (CORE Burlington) opposes Nelson Aggregates’ proposed expansion of its gravel mine on scenic Mount Nemo because:

  • Continued gravel mining on Mount Nemo creates significant risk to human health and the natural environment through direct impacts to air quality, ground and surface water, prime agricultural lands, wetlands and woodlands, endangered species, road safety and the communities’ safe and unimpaired use of surrounding properties.  These impacts are further exacerbated by flyrock from blasting and the importation of excessive amounts of waste construction fill.
  • There are already 5,000 operating gravel mines in Ontario.
  • The Ontario government already licenses, for extraction each year, 13 times the amount of aggregate consumed in a year in Ontario.
  • The Joint Board already said ‘NO’ to a proposed expansion of the Nelson Aggregate gravel mine on Mount Nemo in 2012. 
  • It’s time to let Mother Nature heal herself from over 100 years of Mount Nemo serving as a primary source of aggregate for the Greater Toronto Area.



Protect Mount Nemo

Goal: 1500

I support the requests from CORE Burlington that Burlington City Council:

  1. Oppose the application by Nelson Aggregates for an expansion of its gravel mine on Mount Nemo.
  2. Complete the Joint Agency Review Team (JART) peer review and issue a public report.
  3. Designate sufficient resources to ensure funding for staff and external experts for full and comprehensive participation in the eventual Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) hearing.
  4. Explore all feasible options to prevent expansion of Nelson Aggregates’ Mount Nemo quarry, including permanent protection of the natural heritage features, functions, and species, especially the endangered species and their habitats on the Mount Nemo plateau.

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