Help City of Mount Pearl workers get back on the job

CUPE 2099 represents more than 200 municipal workers who work in recreation services, administration, taxation and finance, road maintenance, water and sewage, facilities maintenance, landscape maintenance, engineering, and planning.

Many of them are your neighbours, friends, parents, and members of the Mount Pearl community. They’re the people who are always there for us when we need them, even through difficult times like snowmageddon and the pandemic.  

They love what they do – delivering quality municipal services.

What's happening?
No one wants to be on strike, but the city refuses to bargain a fair collect agreement. After almost four months of trying to reach a deal with a difficult and unreasonable employer, the members of CUPE 2099 made the difficult decision to take job action. Unless a new agreement is reached, city services, programs, events, and facilities will continue to be negatively impacted.

One of the main issues is that the city wants set-up a two-tier system with inferior benefits for new hires. The members of CUPE 2099 won’t accept a contract that doesn’t provide the same rights and benefits for all workers.

Also, with the rate of inflation at the highest it’s been in 40 years and with the soaring cost of living, these workers need a reasonable wage adjustment. But the City of Mount Pearl doesn’t care about these workers and their families, or good jobs and quality services.

How you can help? Send a message to city council 
The mayor and council’s unwillingness to treat municipal workers fairly is causing disruptions to the services we all rely on. The city’s failure to negotiate a fair contract has caused the reduction and/or shut down of programs, services, events, and facilities. CUPE 2099 workers keep Mount Pearl running, but city council seems determined to jeopardize it all.

Can you take 30 seconds and send a letter to the Mayor and Mount Pearl council to help us get a fair deal?