Tell Congress: We Must Build Back Better for Women & Families!

An infrastructure package without sufficient support for paid family leave, child care, health care, and family care is not a complete package. As Congress takes up President Biden’s Build Back Better plan and the American Jobs and American Families Plan, we need our members of Congress to prioritize women and their families in all upcoming legislation. We need a big, bold infrastructure package that prioritizes:

  • Permanent paid family and medical leave
  • Invests at least $700 B to direct spending for comprehensive child care and early learning systems that children, families, early educators, providers, employers and communities need to grow and thrive 
  • A permanent expanded child tax credit 
  • Protects reproductive rights and invests in affordable health care
  • $126 billion for citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, farmworkers, and other essential workers

Women are this country’s living infrastructure and it is time for a transformative and bold investment in our communities. Tell your members of Congress today that they must prioritize building back better for all women and families!

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