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BC wild salmon are headed for extinction and farm salmon infected with the piscine orthoreovirus are a serious threat.

So many farm salmon are infected with this virus, that Canada is going to change its laws to allow the salmon farming industry to continue to put infected fish into marine pens along the BC coast. On April 4, 2016, DFO received preliminary results from a Norwegian virologist on the virulence of the virus, but someone covered the eleven lines of text reporting the results.

Before the Minister of Fisheries changes the law, he needs the facts and we need the facts.  We need to see this email.


Unredact the test results for the virus PRV

Goal: 2500

Before the Minister of Fisheries changes the law to legalize the transfer of farm salmon infected with the blood virus PRV into marine fish farms, we need see what has been covered up in an email from a Norwegian virologist.

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