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Tell your MPs to save local news

Hundreds of Canadian news outlets have closed over the last two decades, and virtually all others have downsized. Thousands of journalists and media workers have lost their jobs. Our democracy, economy and sense of community suffer as a result.
The Liberal government has introduced Bill C-11 to modernize the Broadcasting Act so that it recognizes the impact of the internet and streaming services such as Netflix. 

The last time the Broadcasting Act was updated was in 1991, well before the internet was a part of everyone's lives. The subsequent change in the business model from broadcast television to internet streaming weakened Canadian content production, reduced the diversity of voices in this country and severely diminished local news production.  This is creating a news vacuum in many communities.
Bill C-11 tries to level the playing field between Canadian broadcasters and American streamers, but it’s missing one thing…support for local news. Therefore, the Media Action Plan (MAP) wants C-11 amended to ensure the Broadcasting Act mandates the CRTC to support local news.
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