Photo of beat-up mid-20th century narrow elevator with sign above buttons on the control panel that says "Disabled Accessible Restrooms Located on Second Floor", which is admitting that not every floor has disabled-accessible restrooms. The photo has a blue filter to go harmoniously with the blue & gold UC Access Now logo.

Help UC Access Now fight for accessibility & inclusion at The University of California!

The University of California is Californians’ state research university, is supported by the tax dollars of all Californians as well as by the federal tax dollars of all Americans. International students support it with their tuition and fees. Yet it only serves a small slice of the diversity in the public that funds it. Disabled people are paying for university infrastructure and processes that are actively hostile to them. And abled people are paying for infrastructure and processes that harm and oppress their disabled family, friends, and colleagues....even themselves if they become disabled in future.

This must change.


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UC Access Now logo with blue photo of elevator sign indicating not all restrooms are disabled accessible.

July 26, 2020 was the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Yet University of California does not fully comply with ADA
  • Even if UC did, ADA is a floor, not a ceiling
  • Disabled people are the public too, and we deserve better from our public research university!

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  • UC is supported by federal & state taxes as well as tuition & fees so you don't need to be a member of the UC campus community to speak up for the disabled UC campus community.
  • Take action now!


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