Key workers need a pay rise

Boris Johnson's speech at Tory Party Conference today offered no pay rise for key workers. It's a national scandal that a third of key workers have had to use food banks during the pandemic, while putting their lives on the line to keep our country going.

The campaign to win a pay rise for key workers is growing across the country. Key workers have met with MPs in countless constituencies across the UK and we know the public is on our side. Now it's time to ramp up the pressure.

It will only take you a minute to send the letter to your local papers. This tool makes it really easy and we've provided a template message.

Key workers deserve a pay rise - but that's not what we've heard from the Prime Minister or Chancellor at Tory Party Conference. Use this quick and easy template to write to the editor of your local papers - it'll only take you a minute. 

This campaign is hosted by Trades Union Congress. We will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign and others.