Flexible Working - Make Your Voice Heard

The government is consulting on making flexible working easier. Their idea is to give all employees the right to request flexible working on the first day of their job. At the moment employees have to wait until they have worked somewhere for 26 weeks before they can ask.

We think there's a big flaw in only allowing employees to request flexible working once they are in a job - people won't know if they can get the flexibility they need until they start. There's an easy solution to this. Employers must be required to put flexible working options in all job adverts. 

The government have asked people to respond to their formal consultation about flexible working. We need them to hear from all of us. We know this is a big ask but together we can win flexible working for everyone.

This campaign is hosted by the TUC on behalf of Flex For All. Flex For All is an alliance between: TUC, Pregnant Then Screwed, Fawcett Society, Mother Pukka, Young Women's Trust, Gingerbread and The Fatherhood Institute.

Flexible Working - Make Your Voice Heard

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