Protect Kansas Borrowers from Predatory Lending

Kansans for Payday Loan Reform was established in the fall of 2019. We are a grassroots movement across the state of Kansas who support bipartisan legislation that will protect Kansans from predatory lending practices and usury while maintaining access to credit.

We are Kansans from the social service, consumer, business and faith communities committed to fighting for reforms to protect borrowers and boost our state’s economy. Making payday loans more fair and affordable will save hard-working Kansans tens of millions of dollars each year.


Goal: 100

Kansas borrowers are being charged exorbitant interests on small dollar loans in the state of Kansas. Kansans for Payday Loan Reform is working to stop predatory lending in the state of Kansas. Borrowers are being charged interest as high as 700% and on average 391%. That means a $300 loan can cost $750 within 5 months. Do you want to support putting an end to predatory lending while maintaining access to small loans for all Kansans? Write your legislator (and candidate) this week to ask them to support predatory lending reform.

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