It's Payday- Stop the Debt Trap!

Tell legislators that Kansas needs payday loan reform!

Payday lenders in Kansas charge an average of 391% interest- and you must pay back the loan in full at your next payday. This means that a product that could be used as a resource for people with emergency expenses ends up trapping people in a cycle of debt. Kansas needs payday loan reform to prevent these predatory lending practices. So far, the Kansas legislature has failed to act on reforms that would protect borrowers. We must raise the heat so that our legislators cannot ignore the problem any longer!

During the legislative session, "payday" for our legislators is on the first of each month. So, on the first of each month, we are reminding them that the 175,000 Kansans who take out payday loans each year are at risk of getting their paychecks sucked up into the debt trap. This month's emails will go to Kansas House Speaker Dan Hawkins, as well as representatives Nick Hoheisel & Bill Clifford, Chair & Vice-Chair  of the Financial Institutions Committee. These individuals have the power or influence to help give house bill 2242 a hearing this year. Use the template below to contact these legislators!

Dear [recipient position will go here] [recipient name will go here],

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