Protect Trans Texans

Take Action: We need Texans across the state to commit to contacting their Texas House Representative to speak out against SB 14, a dangerous and cruel attack against Texas' transgender community.

Here are some talking points to help when talking with your Texas House Representative:

  • Bills like these go against medical standards and deny transgender youth life-saving, gender-affirming care. 
  • Every major U.S. medical and mental health organization, from the American Medical Association to the American Academy of Pediatrics, has approved and set standards for gender-affirming care for transgender young people and adults.
  • The bill targets more than simply healthcare providers. The bill also bans public money from going to any “entity, organization, or individual that provides or facilitates the provision of a procedure or treatment to a child that is prohibited,” this would include parents simply trying to keep their kids safe by facilitating evidence-based, life-saving care.
  • With age-appropriate access to this healthcare, transgender youth and adolescents thrive, in school, hobbies, and relationships and go on to lead successful careers and have happy adulthoods. A happy, healthy adolescence that leads into a happy, healthy adulthood should be something every legislator would want for every Texan.
  • Texas families know what's best for them. Lawmakers should not overstep into the private medical decisions made between families and their doctors.

Protect Trans Texans: Call Your Representative Against SB 14


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