Tell Your MLA: BC Needs Vacancy Control Now!

Join in the fight for housing justice and demand real rent control in BC!

British Columbians are suffering from a worsening housing affordability crisis and it is time to demand that the government takes meaningful action.

The government’s current approach of addressing the housing crisis by building more rental housing is not enough: despite adding a record-breaking number of new rental units to the market in Victoria and Vancouver last year, the cost of rent has continued to soar. According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s 2024 Rental Market Report, in Victoria in 2023 the average 2-bedroom apartment was rented for a staggering 41.5% more compared to occupied units in the same building. In Vancouver, a minimum wage worker renting at the average bachelor unit rent would have to spend over 50% of their monthly income on rent. Similar statistics are seen across BC.

We need Vacancy Control, a system of rent control that limits the amount a landlord can increase the rental cost of a unit after it becomes vacant. The current system provides BC landlords with huge financial incentive to evict tenants by any means necessary, earning BC the highest rate of no-fault eviction of any Canadian province. Vacancy control would help to:

  • Prevent bad-faith evictions,
  • Increase housing security for tenants, and
  • Preserve affordable housing stock across BC.

The high cost of rental housing is hurting our residents and it is imperative to the long-term health of our economy and social fabric that working people are able to afford to live in our communities. We are calling on the Provincial Government to act now and implement vacancy control and we need your help. Add your voice to this petition to tell your MLA that BC needs Vacancy Control now and join us in the fight towards housing justice for all!

Goal: 5000

Send a letter to your Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in support of vacancy control and urge them to take action to address the housing crisis in BC!

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