Tell the Senate: End the Filibuster to Protect Our Democracy

On January 6, our nation experienced what President Biden called “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.” In the months since, Republicans in state legislatures have introduced and passed dangerous voter suppression laws restricting our access to democracy. Now, as the deadline to pass the For the People Act looms, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it his “top priority” to block it.

Recently, when the Senate had the opportunity to confront the harms to our democracy with legislation to create a bipartisan January 6 Insurrection Commission, Republicans used the filibuster to make their priorities clear: party over country; Trump over democracy; and obstruction over progress.

Especially with For the People Act expected to come to the Senate floor soon, we need to shine a spotlight on the fact that the choice before Senate Democrats is no longer hypothetical: Either eliminate the archaic, Jim Crow filibuster of our past or forfeit the ability to protect and strengthen our democracy for the future.

Investigating an insurrection and protecting voting rights shouldn’t be controversial or partisan – and they shouldn’t be issues that a minority of senators should be allowed to block. But Senate Republicans, who represent 41 million fewer people than Senate Democrats, could abuse the filibuster to block it. And they did and will continue to do so. They proved they will go any lengths to protect their power, at any cost to our democracy.

We cannot afford to let Sen. McConnell play politics with our democracy or our voting rights. It’s time for Senate Democrats to come together and eliminate the filibuster.

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