Tell the Senate: End the filibuster to protect our democracy and voting rights

Senate Democrats are facing a choice: Protect our democracy and voting rights, or protect the filibuster – an outdated and abused “Jim Crow relic.”

Right now, Republican state legislatures are enacting some of the harshest voter suppression laws in the country, including blatant attempts to specifically target and suppress Black and Brown voters. Insurrectionists, motivated by Donald Trump's "big lie," waged an assault on our Capitol to overturn a legitimate election. And recent Census numbers have opened the door to extreme partisan gerrymandering that could silence voters for the next decade.

Strong voting rights and democracy-protecting legislation to address these attacks on our democracy sits before the Senate with support from a majority of senators, yet the Republican minority led by Mitch McConnell is united in opposition. As long as the Jim Crow filibuster is left intact, this critical legislation will remain meaningless.

The filibuster, an outdated Senate rule, is the only thing that stands in our way to stop this voter suppression and partisan gerrymandering. The filibuster gives veto power to Republican senators who represent 41 million fewer people than Senate Democrats. Mitch McConnell has weaponized and abused the filibuster to allow a partisan minority to block overwhelmingly popular legislation and to advance his partisan and ideological interests. With the filibuster, Sen. McConnell will certainly block any attempts to end voter suppression against communities of color.

We cannot afford to let Sen. McConnell play politics with our civil rights. It’s time our Senators make clear that protecting the future of our democracy is more important than preserving a procedural relic from the past.

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