Urge President Biden to Protect our Ocean and Coasts from Climate Change

Goal: 2200

President Biden has made progress towards implementing laws and policies that combat the climate crisis. While his efforts have been beneficial to reduce greenhouse gases, expand renewable energy, grow electric cars, and overturn harmful policies implemented by the previous Administration, President Biden needs to focus more on our nation’s coastlines in order to help local communities proactively respond to climate change impacts.

Our ocean and coasts are literally at the center of climate change—the ocean has absorbed nearly 30% of CO2 emitted from burning fossil fuels and 90% of excess heat trapped in the atmosphere. Climate change is predicted to bring more intense storms, marine heatwaves, and increased sea levels that will devastate coastal communities, harm marine and coastal habitats, severely impact recreation, and cost taxpayers billions of dollars to adapt to the ever-growing-impacts of climate change. 

But the ocean is not just a victim of climate change—it is also a powerful source of solutions. That is why Surfrider is calling on President Biden to leverage the ocean in the fight against climate change by: reinstituting the moratorium on offshore drilling, protecting blue carbon ecosystems, improving federal policies and programs, increasing coastal resilience funding and projects, and helping communities adapt to sea level rise.

Please join us in sending a letter to President Biden. Surfrider is meeting with the Biden Administration for our annual Hill Day and we will present him with your letter!

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