Urge Congress to Protect our Coasts and Ocean Against Climate Change

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Now is a critical time to push Congress to invest wisely in our climate, ocean and coasts!

Last year Congress passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill that will help spur economic recovery and protect the environment. However, progress to pass meaningful investments that will protect our coasts and ocean against climate change is lacking. Meanwhile, wildlife, communities, infrastructure, industry, and businesses along our coastlines are suffering from climate change impacts. 

The Senate is currently assessing a package of critical climate investments through a budget reconciliation process. This offers a key opportunity to address coastal resilience and protect our communities from climate change impacts such as sea level rise.

It is essential that these investments increase coastal resilience through: natural solutions such as wetland and dune restoration; advance weather forecasting to keep people safe from increasingly intense and changing storm activity; support renewable energy; and fund a Civilian Climate Corps that provides job opportunities and helps communities be more resilient against extreme weather and sea level rise.  

Please join the Surfrider Foundation in urging our federal leaders to include the ocean in climate action investments before it’s too late.

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