Update Washington’s Growth Management Act to include Climate Change & Require Planning for Sea Level Rise

Goal: 200

Thirty years ago, Washington state passed the Growth Management Act to help our cities and counties accommodate rapid growth while also protecting what makes the Evergreen State a great place to live: vibrant cities, working farms and forests, healthy rivers and coastlines, and a beautiful rural landscape.

Today, residents are calling for updates to our approach to development. HB 1099 answers the need for a new, comprehensive climate solution to build more resilient communities, from flood protection and transit, to clean water and planning for future sea level rise. This update to the Growth Management Act will protect our communities and natural resources as the climate changes.

Climate change is predicted to bring more intense storms and devastating flooding, marine heatwaves, ocean acidification, and increased sea levels that will have significant adverse impacts on Washington’s coastal communities. Not only will it harm marine and coastal habitats and severely impact recreation, it will also cost taxpayers billions of dollars to adapt to the ever-growing-impacts of climate change.

By passing HB 1099, state legislators can ensure that our cities reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and protect communities and natural resources from the accelerating impacts of a changing climate.

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