Tell Congress It's Time to Protect Our Ocean and Coasts from Climate Change, Pollution and Plastic

Goal: 1500

Rising seas and severe weather events threaten coastal ecosystems, infrastructure and communities across the nation. Our wastewater systems are overloaded, causing spills of raw and undertreated sewage into communities and waterways. Meanwhile, plastic waste pollutes our beaches while carbon emissions from plastic production further fuels climate change. 

Fortunately, we have the tools to manage our coasts more resiliently, ensure clean water on our beaches, protect marine wildlife and shift our practices away from fossil-fuel intensive, single-use plastic products. Congress has the ability to take the critical steps needed to make sure our ocean, waves and beaches are protected for all people. 

Please make your voice heard now and help us turn the tide on plastic pollution, climate impacts on our coasts, and contaminated beaches across the nation!

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