Tell Congress to Get Nuclear Waste Off the California Coast!

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Southern California Edison has been storing 3.6 million pounds of spent nuclear waste at the recently decommissioned San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), within 100 feet of the beach. SONGS has always been exposed to the risks of earthquakes, bluff erosion, storm surge, and wave events.  

Each year, SONGS is increasingly threatened by rising sea levels, growing rates of coastal erosion, elevating groundwater tables and likelihood for more frequent and severe storms resulting from climate change. These conditions require that nuclear waste must be removed from the dynamic and vulnerable coastline as soon as possible.  

The federal government is the only entity that has the authority to supply a long-term solution for storage of nuclear waste offsite. You deserve to know that your coastal areas are safe and protected - call upon our federal elected officials to step up and address this important and pressing issue TODAY.

The safe removal and long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) away from the coast is a national issue, affecting many communities in California and throughout the United States. To date, the U.S. government has failed to produce a solution for the safe, long-term disposal of spent nuclear fuel, despite the millions of pounds currently stored at operating and decommissioned nuclear power plants across the country. Surfrider asks that the federal government take the best course of action to develop federal legislation that includes:

  • Long-Term Storage, including a plan for the safe removal of SNF;
  • Consent-based Siting, with consent from affected communities for future siting for SNF storage and disposal;
  • Federal Accountability, including timeline requirements, incentives for sites to accept SNF, and viable enforcement mechanisms; and
  • Environmental Review and Resource Protection, including a grant for states to perform an environmental review over the future transportation, storage and siting of SNF

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