Take Action to Protect Texas Beach Access - Oppose TX Senate Bill 434

Credit: Mike Cole. Cropped. Creative Commons 2.0
Goal: 5000

The right to beach access is dear to all Texans. Now is the time to act to protect this right!

Once again our beach access rights are being threatened by bad bills that have been introduced in the current state legislative session. Senate Bill 434, House Bill 3114, and other bad beach access bills, if passed, have the potential to severely affect the public’s right to access large sections of Texas beaches. Currently Texans have the right to access the state’s beaches from the mean low tide line to the line of vegetation. This right is guaranteed by the Texas Open Beaches Act which became law in 1959 and was voted into the Texas State Constitution in 2009 by 75% of those voting in a statewide referendum. 

Take action now to save this precious right by opposing SB 434, HB 3114 and other bad bills impacting beach access.

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