Support Clean Water Programs in EPA’s FY2023 Budget

Goal: 2000

We all rely on regular water quality monitoring at the beach to ensure that the water is clean and safe.  Yet every year funding for beach water testing programs is at risk, and decades of neglect have left our wastewater infrastructure outdated and in disrepair.  In fact, over 850 billion gallons of raw sewage are released into US waterways each year, endangering public health, disrupting coastal ecosystems, and threatening valuable tourism and recreation economies at the coast. Sea level rise and increasing coastal hazards due to climate change will only make the situation worse.

Join Surfrider in calling on Congress to allocate $15 million for the BEACH Act and $4 billion for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund in EPA’s 2023 budget.

Coastal states and communities rely on federal dollars allocated through these two important EPA programs to protect clean water and public health upstream and at the beach. The BEACH Act Grants Program provides assistance to coastal states to help pay for their beach water quality monitoring and public notification programs, while the Clean Water State Revolving Fund assists states and local communities with wastewater infrastructure improvement projects to improve treatment and to stop sewage spills.

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