Say No to Weakening Our Nation’s Bedrock Environmental Protections

Goal: 2000

As part of backroom negotiations on the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act, there are efforts underway to weaken the implementation of some of our nation’s most important and effective environmental protection policies in order to advance and benefit the fossil fuel industry.

National bedrock environmental laws impacted include the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Attempted streamlining efforts would reduce the ability for public input, undermine efforts to tackle climate change, and put frontline communities at additional risk to pollution, ecological degradation and more. Essentially this effort would expedite potentially harmful energy projects at the expense of communities, clean water, and climate resilience.

Tell Congress that you do not support this dangerous side deal, and that potential plans to attach it to “must-pass” legislation are woefully irresponsible.

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