Reduce Plastic Pollution in New York City

Goal: 500

Help Surfrider reduce plastic pollution in New York City by passing the “Skip the Stuff'' Bill, also known as City Council Bill Introduction 0559. This bill requires that restaurants, food delivery services, and online delivery platforms only provide single-use utensils, condiments, and napkins if explicitly requested by the customer, saving restaurants money. The default would be that customers receive none of those extra, often unused items.

Plastic foodware like utensils are some of the most commonly littered items. Once in NYC’s waterways and natural areas, plastic litter can choke and harm wildlife. Plastic pollution is so extensive that it is now found in drinking water, soil, air, and even our bodies!

Further, the manufacture and transport of plastics – made of petroleum and other fossil fuels – contributes to climate change and pollution. Petroleum and plastic manufacturing infrastructure is overwhelmingly located in communities of color and poor neighborhoods, unjustly degrading the health of New York residents. Plastic waste also costs the city and taxpayers money through additional transport and disposal costs. 

This legislation is simple, saves restaurants money, and reduces plastic pollution.

Please take a few minutes and send a message to your Council Member, Speaker Adams, and Mayor Adams asking them to support this legislation!


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