Reduce Plastic Pollution in Delaware

Goal: 300

Help reduce plastic pollution in Delaware by supporting DE Senate Bill 51!

This bill bans EPS foam (commonly known as Styrofoamâ„¢) foodware products and plastic cocktail/coffee stirrers. Target EPS foam products include  "clamshells", cups, and plates at restaurants. Lastly, the bill requires that plastic straws be given out only upon request.

EPS foam and straws are some of the most commonly found items in beach cleanups. These items break into tiny pieces that can easily enter the food chain and increase toxic chemical exposure to marine life. Additionally, EPS food containers pose a human health risk, as they can leach small amounts of chemical additives when they come into contact with warm food or drinks, alcohol, oils, and acidic foods.  

Similar bills have already passed in MD, VA, NJ, and NY, and there are plenty of alternative products that food establishments can use instead of harmful, unable to be recycled, EPS foam foodware. 

This bill would be a great step forward in helping keep Delaware clean and plastic free.

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