Protect the Hudson Canyon Offshore of New York and New Jersey

Goal: 1000

Help protect the ecologically diverse Hudson Canyon by designating it as a National Marine Sanctuary!

The Hudson Canyon is one of the largest submarine canyons in the world at 250 miles long, with canyon walls reaching 3,500 feet high. It is home to over 100 marine species, including whales, sharks, sea turtles, and seabirds.The Canyon supports the local economy, providing habitat for fish and invertebrates that commercial and recreational fisheries depend on. It is important to recreational divers and the tourism industry. 

A Sanctuary designation will provide new resources to connect and engage diverse residents from the region’s historically underrepresented and under-resourced communities. It will provide more opportunities in STEM research and educational programming, as well as expand participation in conservation and management decision-making.

National Marine Sanctuaries do not prohibit commercial or recreational fishing, but do prohibit oil, mineral, and gas exploration. A designation for Hudson Canyon would recognize and protect the Canyon’s ecological integrity for future generations of both the humans and marine species who rely upon it for a wide range of ecosystem services.

Please take a few minutes and send a message to NOAA saying that you support designating the Hudson Canyon as a National Marine Sanctuary! Please personalize your message, as it’s most impactful for NOAA to hear your unique voice.


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