Pass the Federal Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act!

Goal: 5000

The Surfrider Foundation worked closely with allies in the Capitol to reintroduce the Break Free From Platic Pollution Act, a bold federal legislation to tackle the plastic pollution crisis. Click below to ask Congress to pass this important bill!

Every year, about 11 million metric tons of plastic waste escapes into the ocean from coastal nations. The United States generates the most plastic waste per capita of any country in the world and is among the top contributors to plastic pollution in the coastal environment. This bill recognizes that we cannot just recycle our way out of this problem, instead providing a comprehensive approach to reduce plastic pollution, including policies to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging, shift responsibility to producers, and improve recycling infrastructure.

Surfrider Foundation encourages our members and supporters to contact your federal elected officials and urge them to support the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act.

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