Help CA Transition Towards Zero-Waste Communities!

Goal: 3000

Ask California legislators to remove incentives for harmful waste incineration facilities- a false solution to the plastic crisis that also releases harmful air pollution. 

There are two remaining municipal waste incinerators in California that are impeding the progress towards zero waste communities. Both are over 30 years old with outdated technology that emits toxic air emissions and ash, and are expensive to maintain. 

Low-income and BIPOC communities are disproportionately impacted by these facilities on top of already existing pollution issues community members face on a daily basis. Burning trash is not recycling or reducing our waste, and this bill will stop the false narrative that has been in California Law since the 1980s. 

AB 1857 (C.Garcia) would eliminate the diversion credit for municipal solid waste incinerators and redefine incineration as disposal. Burning trash is energy-intensive, emits harmful pollution, creates a barrier to moving towards a zero-waste future and perpetuates environmental racism. This bill would ultimately close down the last two remaining waste incinerators and help support these regions in moving towards creating more just and equitable zero-waste communities. 

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