Email Congress to Ban Single-Use Plastics at our National Parks!

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With an average 330 million visitors each year, the National Park Service manages approximately 70 million pounds of waste nationally, which would fill nearly 600 dump trucks. It's time to end the sale of the most harmful and pervasive plastic products infiltrating our National Parks. 

Please click below to contact your U.S. House representative and Senator and urge them to support the Reducing Waste in National Parks Act (H.R. 5533 and S.2960).

Petrochemical facilities - and disposal of the plastics that they create - disproportionately harm people of color and low-income communities. Nearly 40% of the plastic produced annually is for single-use plastics and packaging - materials that are made to last forever but designed to be used briefly and thrown away. Plastic water bottles are considered more recyclable than some other plastic products, yet three out of four bottles still end up in landfills or incinerators. We cannot recycle our way out of this problem.

The Reducing Waste in National Parks Act mirrors the petition addressed to Secretary Haaland in June 2021 that directs the NPS to eliminate the sale or distribution of single-use plastics in national parks, yet congressional action is still needed. 

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