Demand Congress Support Ocean-Climate Solutions

Goal: 3500

Over the past few years, the climate crisis has unleashed wildfires, hurricanes, severe rains, oppressive heat waves and unusual weather that caused massive damage across the world. Our global society can no longer ignore the existential threat of climate change, especially as sea level rise and extreme weather continue to devastate coastal communities — taking both an emotional and economic toll.

That is why citizens across the U.S. are demanding Congress enacts climate change policies that protect the ocean, coasts and local communities before it's too late!

Specifically, we need Congress to pass ocean-based climate solutions. Legislation is needed to leverage the ocean’s potential in the fight against climate change by permanently banning offshore oil drilling, helping communities adapt to sea level rise, promoting responsible offshore renewable energy, supporting blue carbon restoration, and improving ocean health by tackling emerging issues like harmful algae blooms and ocean acidification.

Please send a message to your representatives and demand that they act on climate change by supporting ocean-based climate solutions.

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