Clean Up Our Southern California Border Waters

Goal: 2000

For over half a century, toxic waste and raw sewage has flown into the Tijuana River Valley, making people and wildlife sick and forcing beach and recreational area closures. This decades-long cross-border pollution issue has risen to disastrous levels, especially during the sewage spill of 2017. Four years later, even with the passage of the federal United States Mexico Canada Agreement designating funding for this issue, there is no identified owner of this project or sustainable funding source. The environmental, economic, and public health impacts to border communities are devastating. It affects our national security and the health and safety of our own U.S. Border Patrol agents and Navy personnel, exposing them to pollutants while working and training in the area. We cannot wait any longer for overlapping agencies to take the lead. We need real accountability now!

The Border Water Quality Restoration and Protection Act seeks to correct the ongoing failure to protect our border waters. Past efforts by the multitude of local, state and regional jurisdictions have proven unsuccessful. This Act would designate the Environmental Protection Agency as the lead institution to coordinate federal, state, and local agencies to build and maintain infrastructure projects that reduce pollution along the border. Designated accountability to this environmental catastrophe is long overdue.

National leaders are proposing a meaningful solution, and we need our representatives to move this bill across the finish line. Ensure the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works knows our border communities, our Navy men and women, and our U.S. Border Patrol agents deserve better by asking the committee to move this bill for a Senate vote.

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