Action Alert: Stop Plastics Burning in New Jersey

Goal: 1000

Help Surfrider Foundation's New Jersey chapters stop Assembly Bill 1759, which would promote the burning of plastic waste in New Jersey.

This bill seeks to exempt “chemical” or “advanced” recycling facilities from New Jersey waste management regulations, effectively reducing environmental safeguards for the burning of plastic waste in our state. Most of these facilities are actually plastic-to-fuel operations that heat plastic waste to create low-quality diesel fuels or synthetic gas (“syngas”), which is then burned. 

These facilities are often located in historically underserved and BIPOC communities, placing additional health and safety risks on those residents.

Most people are now aware of the plastic pollution crisis, where plastic particles have been found in water, air, soil, and even human bodies. However, false solutions such as Bill A1759’s “advanced recycling” will simply exchange landfills for air pollution, incentivize petrochemical expansion, and create more plastic waste. 

Take a few minutes and send a message to your elected officials telling them to stop this dangerous bill!

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