Call to Action: Save our travel and tourism industries

Our travel and tourism industries at peril

The travel and tourism industry has effectively been shut down since the closure of the border to international travel  and the implementation of quarantine measures. Today, with no real plan for re-opening, the situation is no longer sustainable.

Help save the future of thousands of Canadians families by calling for a more balanced approach to the reopening of our borders



  • Many countries around the world have taken the necessary precautions and safely reopened their borders. In Contrast, Canada continues to maintain the same unrevised restrictions , at the expense of canadian businesses.
  • Widespread testing at airports is becoming a more common practice.
  • Tourism is a major Canadian industry, accounting for ~2% of GDP, making it larger than telecommunications and mining; its GDP impact is felt in more regions than other major industries.
  • By itself, the canadian airline industry has an economic footprint of $35B and employs over 50,000 people. Many of whom have already lost their jobs.
  • Please send the letter below to tell our elected officials to adopt a more balanced approach to the restrictions, in line with the international community, and which protects the public's health and the economic viability of these important industries.  


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