Speak up for safety!

Speak up for Safety

As the government makes plans to drop all public health measures, COVID-19 still remains a serious health and safety threat for workers, who remain at risk of contracting the virus.  

We need the government to:

  • Ensure proper PPE for all workers;
  • Legislate ten days of paid sick leave for all workers; and
  • Ensure safe staffing levels in our hospitals, schools, and other public services.

We all want the pandemic to end, but we need to remain vigilant to make sure that workers are kept safe. Taking these steps would go a long way to ensure that we are able to successfully overcome COVID-19 once and for all and to ensure that our health care system is not overwhelmed.

It's time for MLAs to start speaking up for the workers they represent who are demanding safe workplaces and a safe recovery from COVID-19.

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