Restoration Planning Needs To Begin Now


We need your help, again. The damage is done. The trees are gone. Toronto's hidden gem, Small's Creek, was clearcut by Metrolinx within a day of Toronto City Council unanimously passing a motion directly asking Metrolinx to not proceed with construction until a comprehensive restoration plan was in place.

The CEO of Metrolinx, Mr. Phil Verster, has promised the Friends of Small's Creek "a seat at the table" for the restoration planing process. We want to take him up on his invitation.

We ask that you support for Friends of Small's Creek by leting Metrolinx know that restoration planning needs to begin now. This community along with their stakeholders have the passion, expertise and ideas to help restore this precious wetland ecosystem.

We have prepared a sample tweet to help you get started.

We thank you for your continued support. 

On behalf of Friends of Small's Creek in partnership with Small Change Fund.

Photo: Christopher Terry