Open Letter to the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

Open letter key points:

The burning of fossil fuels is driving the climate crisis.

The climate crisis is a health crisis: extreme heat, intensifying wildfires, poor air quality, mental health impacts and more.

HOOPP has made progress on handling climate-related financial risk, but still holds $1.6 billion in shares in risky fossil fuel companies.

HOOPP must phase out its fossil fuel investments.

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This open letter is coordinated by Shift Action for Pension Wealth and Planet Health. Please direct any questions to The letter will be shared with HOOPP's leadership and may be published as an op-ed. Read more about the background for this open letter here: Ontario health workers get a closer look at HOOPP’s $1.6 billion in oil and gas companies.



References used in the letter:

[1] "But recent research demonstrated that the public equity portfolios of nine of Canada’s largest public pensions (HOOPP wasn’t included in the analysis) would have had higher financial returns if they had excluded oil and gas ten years ago." See:, p.29

[2] "The cost of wind and solar power is already cheaper than gas-fired electricity in Alberta and Ontario." 

[3] "And the war in Ukraine has actually sped up the transition to renewables."
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[4] "But this limit doesn’t start until two years from now, contains plenty of loopholes, and says nothing about the (at minimum) $1.6 billion in shares in oil and gas companies that HOOPP holds today."

See also: