Save Union Learning

With the flick of a pen, Gavin Williamson can reverse these cuts. But he will not lift a finger unless we force him to.

Individual stories are powerful - if you personalise your message and speak from the heart there's a better chance of persuading your MP to act.

Can you take a moment to tell your MP why union learning is important?

Tips for an effective letter to your MP:

Your message can be short or long, just make sure it's from the heart.

If you have completed union learning, be specific about the course or apprenticeship you did.

If you need some inspiration, others have written about how union learn has impacted their lives or about how union learning projects have:

  • Improved their skills and confidence
  • Helped them go on to further study
  • Inspired them to become lifelong learners
  • Funded union learning centres that have benefitted the whole community
  • Helped them find further employment

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