After 142 years, the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is at risk of closing its gates forever. Sign now to send a message and save the CNE.

Without financial support the CNE will not survive to 2022.

The CNE operates as a non-profit, paying rent to the City of Toronto to operate. The City of Toronto provided financial support to the CNE in 2020 and will do so again in 2021, as well as committing to partner to support continued operations, but there is still a desperate need for financial support from other levels of government to secure the future of the CNE, and the economic activity it generates.

The federal and provincial governments need to immediately contribute $5.5 million each to support the CNE's continued operation.

The pandemic has meant this one-of-a-kind family tradition has been cancelled for two years in a row and is facing huge financial pressure. Without action now from all levels of government the CNE is at risk of being unable to host another fair.

For well over a century the Canadian National Exhibition Association, and it's signature event the CNE, has brought together Canadians and visitors from far and wide to mark the end of summer with countless attractions and experiences, which for many friends and families have become annual traditions. Not only is the fair the signal of the end of summer, but it is a major attraction in Ontario with over 1.4 million visitors every year.

The popularity of the 18 day fair makes a significant economic contribution to the economy of the GTA and province, generating $93.1M and $128.3M respectively.

The CNE is also an important employer, particularly of youth, keeping near 5,000 people per fair season in their employ and supporting 700 independent vendors. As a regional cultural attraction, the CNE also supports more than 1,000 entertainers during the fair.

Sign the petition now to demand that the provincial and federal governments take action and save the CNE

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