Save Composting in NYC!

Mayor Adams' proposed budget cuts for environmental programs include :
  • Cutting the budget for community composting programs by 50%. 
  • Halting the planned expansion of the curbside composting program. 

Composting is one of the easiest things that NYC can do to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.  Methane released by landfilling organic waste accounts for 17.4% of US methane emissions.  Methane is 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a climate change contributor over 20 years.  The UN has identified methane reduction as essential to slow climate change in this decade as part of the Global Methane Pledge.  

If you support composting in NYC, please call the Mayor’s office and your City Council member and join our letter writing campaign to let them know that composting is  essential to fighting climate change in NYC.  

  • The Community Composting and DSNY Zero Waste partner programs continue to be funded at the current level of $7 million.
  • Funding restored for the planned expansion of the Curbside Composting program to additional community  boards. 
  • Mandatory curbside composting for all of NYC.

Maintain full funding for community composting programs

Funding for community composting will be cut by 50% in this year's proposed budget.  This threatens funding for: 

  • Over 200 Food Scrap Drop-Off sites, including farmers markets around the city, that provide composting options for all New Yorkers.
  • Community composting sites that compost over 5 million lbs of food scraps and yard waste each year and provide that compost to over 500 greening projects throughout the city.
  • Master Composter training for community gardens. 
  • Eight non-profit organizations that provide public composting services to New Yorkers citywide.  GrowNYC, Big Reuse, Lower East Side Ecology Center, Earth Matters, NY Botanical Gardens, Queens Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, and Snug Harbor all face cuts with this budget. 

Restore funding for curbside composting expansion

After over a decade of public investment in composting, the proposed cuts represent a massive setback to the city’s efforts to establish composting programs. The most overburdened districts housing waste transfer stations do not currently have access to the program, exacerbating the health consequences of outdated waste handling practices and the landfilling of organics. The city must fully invest in a robust, equitable, and accessible composting program, and cease the start and stop  approach which leads to confusion, reduced participation and eroded trust in city waste diversion programs

Require the City provide Mandatory Composting

The City should provide mandatory composting Citywide for all New Yorkers.  This is an opportunity to prioritize a just transition, creating green jobs, engaging youth, and demonstrating a commitment to climate resilience. Compostable materials make up 1/3 of the trash New Yorkers generate - roughly 4,000 tons of putrescible waste every day.   The  more compostable materials we divert the more cost efficient composting will become according to the Independent Budget Office. Requiring all residential buildings and all pre-k-12 schools to separate their compostable materials will make the program cost efficient, provide equitable service to the whole city and greatly reduce climate change gas emissions.  Keeping food scraps in curbside compost receptacles instead of black plastic bags also will make it more difficult for rats to get at our food waste.

Save Composting in NYC

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Call the Mayor’s office and your City Council member and use the following letter to contact and let them know you support composting in NYC!

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