We need safe working and learning conditions in CPS!

Email the Mayor and your Alderperson to demand a safe re-entry into Chicago school buildings.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise - at rates as bad as January 2021 - Chicago Public School and the mayor did not create a plan to address our current moment. As a result, it is not safe for students, teachers, and staff to enter into indoor learning spaces without real, dedicated protections against the spread of this virus.

Send an email to Mayor Lightfoot and your alderperson to demand:

  1. Provision of KN95 masks for all people entering a school building
  2. Expansion of school-based testing and vaccination programs
  3. Ensuring that schools are ready to go remote when it is unsafe to be in the building
  4. Clear metrics around closing and re-opening buildings
  5. Opt-out (not opt-in) testing
  6. Joint Committee of the City Council Education and Health and Human Relations Committees, as put forward by Alds. Rodriguez-Sanchez, Taylor, Hadden, Sigcho-Lopez, Vasquez, Martin, Ramirez Rosa, Rodriguez, and La Spata, to investigate concerns about school health and safety protocols. KN95 masks for all individuals entering a school building

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