The Next 10 Days Will Determine the Fate of Our Economy

Every Washingtonian, no matter our background or where we come from, knows that our economy and our communities are strongest when all our neighbors have the necessities to thrive. But today Washington’s people and economy are facing an emergency – stuck in a downward economic spiral. More than 1.4 million workers have filed for unemployment, thousands of small businesses have shuttered and millions of households are struggling to balance childcare and work.  

To address the economic emergency, our lawmakers are considering a new wealth tax on extraordinary profits from selling stocks, bonds and other highly lucrative assets to raise progressive revenue to fund our recovery. This modest wealth tax would be raised from a handful of ultra-rich Washingtonians, and it would not affect their daily lives at all. We can use this revenue to disrupt the downward economic spiral by supporting families and small businesses, reanimating consumer spending, and creating thousands of jobs. Anything less will only perpetuate this crisis for years to come. We’ve seen it before in the Great Recession.

Lawmakers have a choice: continue to prioritize a wealthy few or invest in our shared recovery. Windfall profits like capital gains wealth just make the rich richer. Instead, Washington can grow its way out of this crisis and lead the nation with a quick, robust, and equitable recovery. But we can’t wait – email your legislators today urging them to tax extraordinary wealth from capital gains and support Washington’s recovery.

The next 10 days will determine the fate of progressive revenue and our state’s economy. The Washington State Senate MUST vote on SB 5096 – a modest tax on extraordinary profits from capital gains. Urge your lawmakers to bring this important measure to the floor and vote yes!