SB567 - The Homelessness Prevention Act

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Housing instability creates uncertainty and chaos for families and everyday people. We are supporting SB 567: The Homelessness Prevention Act, a bill that will protect Californians from losing their homes.

It is our moral obligation to come together to make sure that Californains stay housed. Everyone deserves to have a safe, healthy and affordable place to call home.

The Homelessness Prevention Act responds to the present-day reality millions of California renters are facing and provides greater housing stability for more renter households by:

  • Closing loopholes that allow for rampant abuse of the no-fault just causes for eviction by:
    • Removing “substantial renovation” as a cause for a “no fault” eviction. Not allowed to evict due to “substantial Renovation.”
    • If the unit needs substantial renovations then LLs must pay for relocation fees for temporary housing.
    • Tenants are allowed to move back into their unit at their same rent.
  •  Providing mechanisms for accountability and enforcement.

Use your voice to help us contact our legislators today to let them know that you support SB567 and that they should too!

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