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Our country, the United States of  America, was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples. With the arrival of European people, that dynamic shifted, and shifted dramatically during the ensuing years. During that time the Native tribes in this country were murdered, overrun, had their land taken away, were forced onto reservations, had their children forcibly removed to boarding schools, and were themselves forced to assimilate into a white Euro-centric cultural dynamic. They had their customs and beliefs stripped from them for no reason other than being different from the new dominant culture.

With this petition, we ask the President of the United States of America to offer an official public apology on behalf of the Government of the United States of America to ALL the tribes in this country and it’s auspices for the mistreatment and cruelty they have incurred.

This small gesture will start a long-overdue process of healing and also give recognition to the beautiful cultures they have always brought to this land.

Dear President Biden,

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In addition to the online petition, Tim Phelps will be riding a bicycle from his home in Colorado to Washington, D.C. to pay homage to all the Native Peoples forcibly displaced from their homelands and marched to reservations.

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