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Abott, Cruz, and Cornyn Must Resign in Shame

The 2021 February Texas mass power failure and tragedy happened under your watch. You must resign in shame. 

As the leading voices in the Texas government, you failed us.  

You lied, blaming this disaster on clean energy.  But, Texas is the country's number one energy producer. It is our non-winterized frozen fossil fuel infrastructure, our deregulated energy market, and our grid (ERCOT) that has caused this crisis, not wind energy or the Green New Deal. We had a decade to act and your GOP cronies did nothing. 

You helped create this mess and should resign.  

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The emails will be sent to Senator Ted Cruz, Senator John Cornyn, and Governor Greg Abbott. Let them know what you, your family, and your community have experienced during the February 2021 Texas Power Failure. If able, please upload a picture highlighting the damage to your living spaces and neighborhoods.


Here are some articles about the failures of these Texas politicians: ​​​​​​

Texas Governor Abbott Continues to Lie about the root cause of the disaster.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz admits he has no defense of a tweet in which he mocked California's "failed energy policies," as millions of Texans were left without electricity due to a severe winter storm this past weekend.

Senator John Cornyn, the #1 Recipient of Fossil Fuel in Congress, spreads dangerous Disinformation


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