Strengthen and Expand Medicare!

Strengthen Expand Medicare

Tell Your Senators: Strengthen and Expand Medicare Now!

President Biden put out his vision for recovery—the American Jobs and Families Plan—and it’s a good first step, but it fails to address the ongoing crises we are facing, like unaffordable or lacking healthcare and sky-high drug prices.
Ears, eyes, and teeth are vital to our health and quality of life— regardless of how much money we have in our wallets. We must improve Medicare to cover dental, hearing, and vision care.

Far too many people put off needed care until they're finally eligible for Medicare at 65. Congress must lower the Medicare eligibility age to at least 60.

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We demand the following key provisions to be included in the budget reconciliation package:
    •    lowering the Medicare age to at least 60
    •    adding dental, vision, and hearing benefits
    •    instituting an out-of-pocket cap
    •    enabling Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices for everyone
We can’t let Congress pass up this chance to transform our health care system for the better. Tell the Senate to include a plan for strengthening Medicare in the final reconciliation package!

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