Protect Our Pennsylvania Vote

Tell your Representative to Deny Trump “Special” Election Committee.

The latest polls show that Trump’s chances of winning Pennsylvania (and hence re-election) fairly are in free fall. In response, Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives want to create a panel with wide-ranging power to “investigate” voting irregularities during the November General Election itself. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Washington Post are reporting that this panel could subpoena election officials and postal workers while voting is underway and potentially throw the election into chaos. Even worse, the House has the power to create this committee without Senate approval and Governor’s Wolf cannot veto the bill. 

House Republicans, who are clinging to a 54% majority, are so eager to create this panel that they may call for a vote as early as today.

We urge you now to use our dialer to contact your representative and insist that they vote against this threat to our democracy!

Protect Our Pennsylvania Vote
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Protect Our Pennsylvania Vote

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