Democrats: No Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill without Budget Reconciliation Bill!


Speaker Pelosi may be abandoning this strategy, but we are not. Do not let Corporate lobbyists and their allies in Congress prevent us  from expanding Medicare, making community colleges free, and strengthening the fight against climate change.

NO BIF unless Budget Reconciliation

Goal: 1200

Please do not vote for the so-called "Bipartisan Infrastructure bill” (BIF) until the budget reconciliation bill has passed.

The Bipartisan bill itself is inadequate. The reconciliation budget bill, however, will adequately fund priorities outlined by President Biden and Senator Sanders during the 2020 national election to improve the lives of everyday Americans. This legislation strengthens our schools, makes childcare more affordable, fights climate change, and enacts paid family and medical leave. This budget is must-pass legislation if Democrats hope to maintain their majority in next year’s election.

Do not vote for the so-called "Bipartisan Infrastructure Package (BIF)" unless the budget reconciliation bill's passage is secured. Corporate lobbyists and their friends in Congress will weaken the budget bill as it threatens big oil, big pharma, and the billionaire class. They are trying to exploit differences of opinion inside the Democratic Party to undermine this landmark legislation. Let's pass both legislative packages, but not one without the other.


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