ERO # 019-4978 - - Proposed Subwatershed Planning Guide

Ontario has posted a draft Watershed Planning Guide to the Environmental Registry, at Subwatershed Planning Guide | Environmental Registry of Ontario.

Rather than respond to the specifics of the draft, which is being done by numerous organizations, the OHI has taken the unusual step of writing the Minister of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks about the absence of a strategic vision for watershed management in the province.

Our full submission can be found at Microsoft Word - OHI on Subwatershed Planning ERO 019-4978 March 10.docx (

The petition in the box contains just the recommendations from the submission, and will be sent to the Minister.

Please endorse the petition and feel freer to borrow any of our text.


Thank you


ERO # 019-4978 - - Proposed Subwatershed Planning Guide

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